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Superabsorbent experts


If you want to market your products in Latin America or have surplus production or want to rotate a product out of specifications or simply want to offer a promotion, we can help you find the customers you need. Give us this basic information and we will publish your offer shortly.
There is a new market of more than 600 million people that doubles the US population, and has increased its imports more than tenfold in the last 4 decades.
We are the face of your company in front of the client in LATAM. The client will perceive that you have an exclusive large infrastructure to serve him locally, while you share the costs with other North American producers.
  • This model has been working for more than 18 years and will continue to work with its products or those of its competitors.

  • Dedicate to produce that we take care of finding customers and putting the product in each country.

  • Do you want to evaluate the possibilities you have?, Do you want to try a product?, Do you want to offer a promotion ?, Do you want to get rid of an inventory?… Count on us

  • In the same way that the GPS guides you along roads that you had not traveled before, we guide you through the Latin American industrial sectors to sell your products comfortably.

We get market and provide technical assistance.

Logistic, commercial and technical personnel costs are shared with several North American producers and for this reason it is more profitable than having to locate own technical and commercial personnel and much better than hiring distributors.